The City State of Nuln

For a number of reasons, including lack of availability of published material and a desire to someday finish playing The Enemy Within, I have chosen to build my own Nuln rather than relying on the canonical one. I took the sources I posses as a starting point and then let my fancy take flight.

Herewith, I present my campaign's version of the City State of Nuln, complete with clickable map.

Regions (labeled in green): Districts:
  1. Grossebrücke
  2. The Schlossbezirk
  3. The Hochmarkt
  4. Die Kustenbatterie
  5. Studentenheim
  6. Grossemarkt
  7. Nuemarkt
  8. Die Gerberie
  9. The Kircheteil
  10. Reihernest
  11. Ostkirche
  12. Ausheim
  13. The Andersmarkt
Locations: Roads and paths are labeled in red.

Groups and Organizations:

Herewith is a more complete list of some important or interesting buildings by district.
The Kircheteil The Schlossbezirk
  • Burg Nuln, nominal residence of Countess Emmanuelle von Liebewitz
  • Schlosse Liebewitz, actual residence of the Countess
The Hochmarkt
  • Gold and Sons Bakery
  • Reiner Schon, Jeweler and Goldsmith
  • Imperial School of Artillery
  • Nuln University
  • University College of Nuln (formerly Nuln Wizards' Guild)
  • Studentenheim Chapel of Verena
  • Studentenheim Chapel of Myrmidia
  • The Saucy Sixpence Inn
  • Nuemarkt
    • The Dancing Fish Inn, of Giovanni Ferro
  • Ostkirche
    • Theatre of Nuln
    • The collapsed house of Heinrich Pisselwein

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