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This is the home page for a PBeM game of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play. I do not have, nor am I expecting to buy, all of the support material, so those of you familiar with the canonical Warhammer world may find that this one diverges from it to some extent.

The Characters:

A Campaign Timeline

Important (or not so ..) NPCs

The Archives

The Fountain of Lemnar

Book 1 - To Lin-Adelle

Finished October, 2003

Book 2 - The Sword of Ryo-Aldenar

Finished May, 2004

Book 3 - On to the Fountain of Lemnar

Finished September, 2004

At this point, the party (and the campaign) split. Maewyn, a druid and a rural type, chose to pursue her destiny in the wilds and mountains. The rest, with a more urban outlook, headed for the cities.

The Company of Five

Herger, Marri, Michael, Rurik, Tibbiddo

Book 1 - Hunting Greywolf

Book 2 - Trouble In Nuln


I've built my own Nuln, rather than use the one GW provided in The Enemy Within, since I hope to finish playing it someday.
As far as Altdorf goes, I'm using Mad Alfred's data. A map of Arrak-Arras

A sample month of output from a calendar program I wrote.


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