The Saga of Snorri Odmasson

The Saga is a one-on-one Warhammer FRP Campaign built around the Runesmith Snorri Odmasson. The usual disclaimer that I do not have, nor am I expecting to buy, all of the support material, applies. This world may vary from the canonincal Warhammer one. It should be pretty consistent with my main Warhammer PBeM.

Snorri and his Family

Snorri Odmasson of Clan Vemund dwells in Karak-Kadrin. At game start, he is the Runesmith apprentice of his uncle Grimr Gormlson. His older brother Halr Odmasson was Grimr's first apprentice. Alas, although Halr was skilled, he lacked the essential something that would let him craft Runes. When Odmas Gormlson dies in a mining accident five years into Halr's apprenticeship, he left Grimr to take over his father's smithy.

Without much hope, Grimir turned to Snorri, but was pleasantly surprised to find that, unlike Halr, he did seem to possess some talent. Grimr can not be sure until Snorri attempts to inscribe his first rune, but he is confident that Snorri will suceed.

Snorri has been with Grimr for seven years now, and expects that soon he will be instructed to begin work on his Runesmith's anvil.

Alfhildr Odmasdottir, the younger sister of Halr and Snorri, is yet unmarried and dwells with Halr and keeps his house. Their mother died giving birth to Alfhildr.

Snorri visits Halr and Alfhildr as often as he can, for the family is close. Halr is supportive, since the family will gain and maintain prestige. While he is understandably disappointed that it was not he, the eldest son, who will be the Runesmith, he is pleased that his shortcomings did not spell shame for the family. Sometimes his support borders on meddling, but he means well. Halr remembers well his time with Grimr and loves to give Snorri advice whenever he can. Snorri tries to receive it graciously knowing what drives it, but whenever a variation of "When I was working for Grimr....." begins a thought it is usually a struggle to remain gracious.

The Saga

Book 1
Wherein Snorri Travels to Zhufbar, and Snorri and Harald Go on a Raid
Book 2
Wherein Snorri and Harald Seek a 'Runemaster' in Breghoven
Book 3
Wherein a plot by the Grinning Moon is discovered
Book 4

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Snorri Odmasson's Saga
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