Tibbiddo - at first glance

Tibbiddo Stoutwaddle is a talkative halfling with a spring in his step and a twinkle in his eye. Standing 3'5" and with a mop of chestnut-brown hair, he is the epitome of a dapper dandy with a predilection toward exotic attire to elevate himself in status, if not in stature. Possessing the gift of gab, Tibbiddo perfected doublespeak years ago and is working on triplespeak. This joy of talking reaches far beyond the cultural significance of most halfling communities, as Tibbiddo has seen the more lucrative side of being able to speak convincingly and targetting what one wants to hear (and spend their coins upon). Fabrication and embellishment are his constant companions, friends who get him in trouble as much as they fill his pouch.

It all began in Greenhill, a small village in the Moot, where Tibbiddo was born. He is quick to point out that he is of the Greenhill Stoutwaddles which technically he is. Most, however, have heard of the Greenhill Stoutwaddels, a prominent family of considerable character and success. And if they draw an erroneous conclusion then Tibbiddo is not one to argue. At an early age he learned that a simple chnage in the enunciation of the last syllable opened a new world of expectations to him. He continues this even today, after all who would have thought that a simple "del" could free him from what was surely a simple life of tending horses like his father?

Tibbiddo's newfound "wealth by obfuscation" soon ran its course in Greenhill; (people began to compare notes and various other cure-alls, one-of-a-kinds, and treasures) and off he went to Averheim a much larger city that was ripe for his picking. It was here that he came about a treasure map (after hours of painstakingly creating it) and found a band of willing adventurers who let their greed blind them. The profit was exceptional, however Tibbiddo didn't count on them insisting that he accompany them. The trek out to discover riches beyond imagination led to a dreadful encounter with Chaos Beastmen. Barely more than a snack, Tibbiddo withstood prodding and poking as he witnessed his party eaten by the wretched beasts. Fortunately a band of elves came around and liberated the garrulous confidence man, however his choicest clothes could not be salvaged. A horrific tragedy indeed!

What does the future hold? Tibbiddo's captivity changed him, no longer was profit the greatest reward, at least not in such small quantities. The vile creatures destroyed his hat, and for that they must be stopped. Besides, if they were allowed to just roam around spreading destruction then Tibbiddo's dream of owning the greatest roadhouse in all the realm would never come to fruition. Travellers would not be safe coming to an establishment that prided itself on good ale, a good tale, games of chance, and the acquisition or sale of a particular item. There were adventures to be had, tales to be told (some true), dreams to be fulfilled (for a price), and deals to be brokered.

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