Warhammer PBeM - Timeline

1 Sommerzeit, 2508, Aubentag
Company arrives in Nuln.
26 Sigmarzeit, 2508, Aubentag full Moon
21 Sigmarzeit, 2508, Bezahltag Morrslieb full
20 Sigmarzeit, 2508, Backertag
Company departs for Nuln by riverboat.
18 Sigmarzeit, 2508, Aubentag
High Holy day for Sigmarites.
10 Sigmarzeit, 2508, Aubentag
Rurik and Tibbo return.
1 Sigmarzeit, 2508, Wellentag full Moon
Early Pflugzeit, 2508
Rurik and Tibbo do some preliminary investigation at Nuln.

Finish The Company of Five, Book 1

Early Pflugzeit, 2508
Company returns to Altdorf.
Mid Jarhdrung, 2508
The events in the Moot take place.
Late Nachexen, 2508
Keep is given to the Sigmarites, company leaves for the Moot in search of Greywolf.
Mid Nachexen, 2508
Tibbo, Herger, Lothar and Sigmarites leave Altdorf for Keep.
Winter, 2507
Marri, Rurik and Michael remain at the Keep. Tibbo and Herger return to Altdorf.
Early Pflugzeit, 2507
The party arrives at Likar's Keep and defeat the necromancer, Mallorax.
29 Jahrdrung, 2507
The party arrives in Nuln.
9 Jahrdrung, 2507
The party sets off again, for Nuln..
16 Ulriczeit, 2506, Aubentag full Moon
The party is settling into Altdorf.
16 Erntezeit, 2506, Angestag full Moon
The party return to Altdorf.

Finish Book 3, the Third and Final Part of the First Adventure

28 Sommerzeit, 2506
The others return to Lin-Adelle.
25 Sommerzeit, 2506
Herger and Tibbo return to Lin-Adelle.
33 Sigmarzeit, 2506, Konistag
The others arrive at the mountains.
25 Sigmarzeit, 2506, Konistag
Herger and Tibbo arrive back at mountains.
17 Sigmarzeit, 2506
Party splits. Most are beaten by Hunter and found by dwarf and zoat. Herger and Tibbo continue.
1 Sommerzeit, 2506, Konistag
Depart Mount Adnor
26 Sigmarzeit, 2506, Konistag
Arrive at Mount Adnor
20 Sigmarzeit, 2506
Fight and slay Dark Hunter.
2 Sigmarzeit, 2506, Konistag
Finish crossing the World's Edge Mountains.
3 Pflugzeit, 2506, Konistag
Depart Lin-Adelle.

Finish Book 2, the Second Part of the Adventure

25 Erntezeiteim, 2505
Arrive at Lin-Adelle.
19 Erntezeiteim, 2505
Start across Blackfire Pass.
18 Erntezeit, 2505, Angestag full Moon
16 Erntezeiteim, 2505
Arrive at foot of Blackfire Pass.
12 Erntezeiteim, 2505
Arrive at Pfeildorf.
3 Erntezeiteim, 2505
Return to Dunkelberg.
1 Erntezeiteim, 2505
Return to Dunkelberg.
28 Nachgeheim, 2505
Finish recovering.
26 Nachgeheim, 2505
The party arrives at Likar's keep, recovers sword, fights, and retreats to the druids.
24 Nachgeheim, 2505, Bezahltag full Moon
The druids commune with nature.
23 Nachgeheim, 2505, Bakertag
The party meet Alinette and Willowbrook.
22 Nachgeheim, 2505, Marktag
The fight with the Dark Hunter, Herger is wounded.
21 Nachgeheim, 2505, Aubentag
Michael, Marri and Maewyn arrive at the site of Verghof.
19 Nachgeheim, 2505, Festag
Maewyn returns from woods.
13 Nachgeheim, 2505, Aubentag
Herger, Rurik and Tibbo arrive at the site of Verghof.
11 Nachgeheim, 2505, Festag
Maewyn goes into woods. Michael and Marri wait in Dunkelburg. Herger, Rurik and Tibbo move on.
10 Nachgeheim, 2505, Angestag
Arrive in Dunkelburg
6 Nachgeheim, 2505, Marktag
The fight in the undercity. They flee Nuln.
5 Nachgeheim, 2505, Aubentag
The party learns of Pisselwein's house.
3 Nachgeheim, 2505, Festag
Herger, Maewyn and Michael visit Verena again.
Marri, Michael and Tibbo visit the Civil Records, then the bookseller
The party is harassed by the watch and splits up.
2 Nachgeheim, 2505, Angestag
Marri goes back to Gold and Sons
Rurik, Herger, Tibbo and Maewyn investigate Likar's old site.
1 Nachgeheim, 2505, Konistag, full Moon Morrslieb full
Marri and Herger go to the Temple of Verena
Tibbo goes to the University
Geheimnistag, 2505
Arrive in Nuln
21 Vorgeheim, 2505, Wellentag
Strike the Aver.
9 Vorgeheim, 2505, Bezehltag
Fight with the bandits.
8 Vorgeheim, 2505, Backertag full Moon
6 Vorgeheim, 2505, Aubentag
During descent meet Thorvald.
3 Vorgeheim, 2505, Festag
Head back toward Nuln, make Erikspall.
30 Sommerzeit, 2505, Wellentag
Return to Lin-Adelle.
27 Sommerzeit, 2505, Konistag
Arrive at Arras-Akkas.
24 Sommerzeit, 2505, Backertag
Depart for Arras-Akkas.

Finish Book 1, the First Part of the Adventure

7 Sommerzeit, 2505, Wellentag
Arrive at Lin-Adelle.
6 Sommerzeit, 2505, Wellentag
Finish crossing the Blackfire Pass, arrive at Erikspall.
4 Sommerzeit, 2505, Angestag
The fight with Pietr.
1 Sommerzeit, 2505, Backertag
Arrive at the foot of the Blackfire Pass.
29 Simgarzeit, 2505, Angestag
Mysterious visitor in the night.
26 Simgarzeit, 2505, Backertag full Moon
25 Simgarzeit, 2505, Marktag
Leave Moot Crossing
23 Simgarzeit, 2505, Wellentag
Arrive in Moot Crossing.
21 Simgarzeit, 2505, Angestag
Arrive in Haymarket.
18 Simgarzeit, 2505, Backertag
Arrive in Averheim.
1 Simgarzeit, 2505, Marktag
Depart Nuln.
32 Pflugzeit, 2505, Wellentag
Arrive in Nuln
23 Pflugzeit, 2505, Festag
Depart for Nuln
22 Pflugzeit, 2505, Angestag
Arrive in Kemperbad with Jurgens' boat.
9 Pflugzeit, 2505 full Moon
8 Pflugzeit, 2505
Attacked by Alaraic Jurgens.
6 Pflugzeit, 2505
Take passage on Reik Princess.
5 Pflugzeit, 2505, Konigstag
To Altdorf to seek passage.
4 Pflugzeit, 2505
Theobald returns with a cart, company leaves Altdorf for Bundesmarkt.
1 Pflugzeit, 2505
Game starts. Theobald visits Herger at his home and tells him of the crisis.
5 Jahrdrung, 2505
Herger Blichtrest's employer, Karl Ammerung, a local magistrate, is torn apart by a mob crazed by his incredible level of corruption. Herger is not implicated or harmed, but was unemployed.