Into the Clinic

The door gave onto a flight of stairs down into what they guessed was the hole that had been left after the collapse of the previous building. The basement was a largish space with vaulted ceilings and was clearly being used as a storage space. A set of stairs on the wall away from the street provided access to the building above, while shelves and stacked crates and casks covered the other walls and filled the niches in the walls and were stacked in the middle of the bays formed by the vaults.

It was very dim, the light filtering through the few small openings to the street were nearly useless in the dusk. They saw no one else in the basement.

Tibbiddo slipped the instrument back where he got it and gestured to the others to be careful, a place like this could have traps. He then went about looking for anything that could be laid for invaders such as himself and the others.

There didn't appear to be any traps that Tibbo could see in the dim light from the street and then the door closed and they were in darkness.

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