Marri - at first glance

Marri is a young, pleasant faced halfling, around three and a half feet tall with ash blond hair, and smiling brown eyes that are always intently watching what's going on around her, making her appear interested in everying- which she is. Her observations are almost always accompanied by a genial, running, though sometimes rambling, commentary.

From a race of fine cooks, and a family of fine bakers, Marri excels at both, and is seldom happier than when she is creating and serving up a hearty meal. Generally a bouncing, boisterous little person, she has recently been affected by recurrent "blue moods" since accidently killing a man at the beginning of the current journey.

She is accompanied by a well trained, black and white terrier that she's named Traveller, who generally reflects her mistress's friendly, outgoing personality, although she doesn't "talk" as much.

The original members of the party met Marri's family when they passed through the Moot, the halfling homeland. Marri's family owns and runs an extremely successful business in the Moot - Gold & Sons, Bakers - which has in the last few years begun opening outlets in major cities across the Empire. Unusual among halflings who generally have small families, Marri is blessed - or cursed depending on the day of the week - with one sister and 11 extremely protective older brothers - all of whom disapprove of her wandering around on adventures instead of marrying and settling down as her beloved sister has done.

Marri became a good scribe working in the family business, and eventually her innate intelligence and insatiable curiousity, and her chaffing under her brothers' collective protectives eyes, led her to strike out on her own. She moved first to Nuln to practice her trade and then, after two of her brothers showed up there to open a bakery, to Altdorf. She was doing fairly well in Altdorf, working under the patronage of a Magistrate, when two things happened: an angry crowd tore her corrupt employer limb from limb and two more of her brothers showed up to open another branch of the family business. Finding herself completely innocent but with little left except the clothes on her back, a few coins and the tools of her trade, and with concerned brothers trying to take her under their wing, Marri was more than agreeable to a bit of adventure when it was suggested to her by her friend, Herger, whose recent unemployment had been caused by the same angry mob that had caused her own. The adventure, however, turning out to be, perhaps, a bit more *adventure* than she had expected, has caused her to turn to the elves for some training in healing - since she has concluded than being able to heal wounds will probably be a bit more useful as they continue than being able to write about them.

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