Warhammer PBeM - NPCs

Friends and Relations

Uncle Theobald aka Greywolf the Wizard
Wizard of the Imperial Grey College and "uncle" of Herger. It was he who started Herger on the first quest.
The Lord and Lady of Lin-Adelle
Elves of Lin-Adelle
Alinette and Willowbrook
Druids near Likar's keep.
Herger's family

Marri's family

Michael's family


Mallorax, the Chaos Wizard
Clearly a psuedonym, Mallorax first met the party in the company of a Dark Hunter as they returned from the fountain. The wizard and Hunter struck down the party as they pursued Herger and Tibbo.

The party encountered him again, months later, at Likar's keep, which he had claimed as his own. In that encounter, Mallorax was slain along with his undead minions.

The Inhabitants of the Falcon's Rest


Dr. Udo Schimmelschnieder
In Dunkelberg, one of Marri's first teachers.
Dr. Hans Zumfahre
In Altdorf, with whom Marri spent her "internship."